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5 Reasons Why Custom T-Shirt Printing Is Your Small Biz Secret Weapon

Some say in the social media age, custom t-shirt printing is as dry as a dead dingo’s asshole. Here’s why we say it’s alive and well — and your secret weapon to boosting your business.

As a t-shirt printing operation in Sydney, we’ve been hearing a lot of smack talk lately about how custom t-shirt printing has had its day. Using logos for shirts is over, dunzo, kaput. Why? Well, digital marketing — and its fancy algorithms and data science — has come along and turned t-shirt printing businesses into dinosaurs.

With all due respect to the smack talkers, to that we say: rack off.

Custom t-shirt printing is as important as ever, and anyone with a business and a brain cell can use it to better their branding and skyrocket their sales. We’re talking electricians, plumbers, builders, carpenters, dog groomers, hell, even kids with a lemonade stand can tap into the awesome power of custom t-shirt printing.

Why should they? Glad you asked.

Here are five dead-simple reasons why custom t-shirt printing is still an incredibly powerful marketing tool and the key to sending your sales through the roof. (Honestly, we could go on even more but, like, we’ve got shit to do. And so do you. So, onto the list.)

#1: Custom work shirts turn your business into a local household name

The importance of establishing your business within the community is marketing 101. That’s because local people are far and away your best resource. If you wow them with your service, they’ll become your informal marketing department, spreading that all-important word of mouth.

But they first have to know you exist before you can blow them away with your top-notch service. That’s where custom work shirts come in. They’re an easy way to get those local eyeballs on you and your logo. They make a fantastic first impression when you show up to do the job, and they leave a lingering last impression after you’ve settled the bill and gone on your way.

#2: Printed work shirts help you build a cult-like following

If there’s something that’s true the world over, from Sydney to Seattle, it’s this: people like to belong. A huge way to build that inclusive feeling of being “part of the tribe” is with clothing.

You, your employees, and even your customers, form your own little community. Logo shirts crank up the fuzzy feel-goods and make a powerful visual statement about who you are as a business and who your people are.

Who knows? If your brand reaches local cult-like status, your printed work shirts may even turn up as collector’s items in vintage shops one day. But in order for that to happen, you have to start printing (and wearing) them now.

#3: Custom t-shirt designs make you look like the professionals you are

Let’s be real. Most days, we’d all love to roll out of bed and do our work in a pair of well-worn Tracky Dacks and a comfy shirt (especially if work involves mucking around pipes and wires or getting covered in shavings in the wood shop). But even though “the clothes don’t make the man” they do, in fact, make the business.

Customers are much more likely to hire you, and re-hire you, if you look professional and presentable. And a custom-printed logo shirt is kind of a genius compromise, if you ask us. You get the comfort of casual wear while still looking decent. Win-win.

#4: Printed workwear is some of the cheapest marketing you’ll ever do

Building a website, renting a billboard, springing for paid social media ads…these things all cost money. Big money. And in some cases (we’re looking at you Instagram story ads), they’re as fleeting as a fart in the wind.

Logo shirts for your business will keep your brand in the public eye and make a lasting impression, all without breaking the bank. Plus, the return on investment is huge. Each run of custom printed t-shirts will translate to hundreds of wearings by your staff.

And whenever your staff are out, performing their jobs and interacting with people (and wearing their custom printed work shirts), they’re doing valuable, on-the-ground marketing for you.

#5: Custom workwear differentiates your business from your competitors (aka “those other guys”)

There’s a certain chain of coffee shops that can be identified from the particular green of their baristas’ aprons. You know who we’re talking about. The name rhymes with “Bar Stucks.”

When color alone is enough to identify you, that’s what we call God-level brand differentiation. And you don’t have to be a big brand to achieve this. Using eye-catching and distinctive logos for shirts employees to wear is an insanely effective way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Before long, locals will be referring to your business by name and to your competitors as “those other guys.” That is, if they even think of them at all.

Custom t-shirt printing in Sydney

So, there you have it. Five excellent reasons why you’d be a Bogan not to use custom printed workwear as part of your business strategy.

Ready to get your printed work shirts on the press? Head here to start building your order now.

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