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We’re a full service shop, our services include graphic design, screen printing and embroidery in Sydney. See our service breakdown below including the section on heat transfers.

Graphic Design

Every custom project starts with a digital graphic design file. You can supply your own design files which we will provide simple alterations to free of charge, with any print project.

 Alternatively you can utilise our design team to create a custom t-shirt design. Different projects include designing logos for t-shirts and work shirts right through to illustrative designs. 

We work with an international line up, curating and subcontracting artists from all countries, backgrounds and styles to develop designs which are best suited to your project look and feel. 

New works or complete redesigns will require a separate quote . We aim to make original works as affordable as possible whilst staying true to a high quality standard of work. 

Contact us for a quote.



If you have your own design and it’s of low quality, it will need to be redrawn or vectorised to make it “print ready”. We offer a flat rate redraw solution for a low rate of $25 per design, which includes 3 revisions. 

If you decide to use us for your screen printing project, we will re-imburse you the $25 on your final invoice.  THere are cheaper redrawing services all over the internet, I can’t vouch for the quality of said services. 

Our redraw quality is very high and we will work with you until you’re 110% happy. 

Contact us for vectorising.


Once we have your vectorised graphic design file and our design team have given it the all clear, we will need to mockup your design onto a your selected garments.

There are plenty of Free Mockup tools online that you can use to mockup your designs. 

We charge a flat rate of $25 Per Design. Or Five Designs for $100. If you decide to work with us, then we will reimburse your Mockup expenses on your final invoice.

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Screen Printing

Screen printing is a decoration method that involves transferring ink through a stencil onto a surface. It’s a highly versatile medium and can be applied to almost any material. Printing on t-shirts, sweats, jumpers, hoodies and unlined jackets are our most popular services. 

Compared with other decoration methods such as DTG and Heat Transfers, ink colours are brighter, more vibrant and accurate. Due to the way printing inks penetrate the garment’s surface, it’s also more durable and outlasts other decoration methods as well. 

Clothes sold in retail stores and those found in your wardrobe are screen printed. Ultimately, we want the best result for our client, which means prints that stand the test of time. That’s why we recommend screen printing above all other decoration methods. 

Our Minimum Order Quantity for screen printing is as follows

12 Units for Single Colour Designs

24 Units for Multi-Coloured Works 

Contact us for a quote on t-shirt printing


Embroidery is a decoration method that utilises needles and thread to reproduce your design. There are various thread patterns, special effects, and techniques that go beyond simple print techniques by adding texture to your designs. 

High Quality, durable and versatile but lacking the soft feeling of direct printing methods; for this reason, it’s best suited to smaller decoration areas. 

We choose embroidery for custom caps, hats, beanies and small spaces like left chest prints on polos, jackets, jumpers, sweats and work-shirts.

The key to this decoration method is to use it sparingly for that special touch of class. Less is more when it comes to embroidery.

Heat Transfers

Heat transfers are a hybrid technology that combines digital printing and a screen-printed under base. Heat Transfers are best applied in cases where the garments are not suitable for direct printing methods like screen printing. Use cases include heat-sensitive fabrics and lined garments, which can be difficult and time-consuming to screenprint commercially. 

Tumble drying heat transferred garments should be avoided as it diminishes the bond of the transfer. For this reason, we don’t recommend them for trade based industries. Workers in this field are often subjected to long hours and prefer to use a tumble drier for convenience. They work well on Trucker caps, spray jackets and wet weather attire.

Thanks for checking us out. Next time you need graphic design, screen printing and embroidery in Sydney. Be sure to contact us.

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